5 April iPhone Tips For Security

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5 April iPhone Tips For Security

The holidays are here and tech tips abound. The first holiday I look forward to is April, though my wife says it’s going to be a bad month. She also says it will probably be the hottest month we’ve seen yet! With the exception of Christmas, April is when everyone gets out their laptops start showing their age. Many people have decided to hibernate during the Christmas rush and buy their gifts later. This has created a lot of empty gift boxes throughout the country.

So, where should you look for great Tech Tips on April’s vacation? Apple’s online store is one of the premier sources for computer products and accessories. April’s event is the introduction of both Macs and iPods and those items are not only discounted but discounted prices are displayed right in the Apple website. If you’re looking for a deal on either an iMac or an iPod you should check out the iTune apple ipod discount code. While April’s event was really all about the new Macs, the release of the iMac is just as exciting as the new iPod and the iPod Touch (priced a little cheaper than the other two).

The next tip I have for you is to get your information organized. You might want to use your smart phone or your small tablet (if you have one) to take notes or do some organization on your computer. One of my favorite tech tips is to use the Google Docs application. Not only does the Docs application allow you to share documents with the world, but you can also create virtual copies of documents and send them as email attachments. Also, if you use the Chrome browser you can take notes on the web as you browse. You can also bookmark webpages and view them later on your Mac or PC.

We want to keep you informed with the latest technology tips, so today I want to tell you about Dropbox. Dropbox is a powerful service that allows you to easily store many different files on one centralized location so that you always have access to them. This makes it very easy to manage multiple files on a daily basis. If you don’t yet have a Dropbox account you should sign up for one today.

Tech Tips: We always love to share some tips on how to better utilize your Windows OS…read more on this in the next paragraphs. You should always update your security patches because viruses and malware are becoming more advanced every day…read more about this in the next paragraph. Windows software updates are essential so that your operating system will be optimized and secure. When you receive Windows software updates, don’t forget to install them automatically. It really is that easy.

Tech Tips: If you use an iPhone, you no doubt have received dozens of news and rumors concerning the new product line launched by Apple…read more about this in the following paragraphs. The first of the April iPhone tips concerns the way you can download iPhone G Globe from the App Store. This application will allow you to import images from your own computer onto your iPhone. To do this, simply open the G Globe app, select your computer, and then pick your image. Then, drag the image into the cart.

Tech Tips: The fourth of my April iPhone tips concerns converting PDF files to TIFF files. By creating a.txt file with all your desired information, you can send the converted text to another app such as Mailto. For example, if you wanted to write an article about gardening, create a.txt document about gardening-related information, save it as a.txt document, and then send this to Mailto so that you can have your article distributed to people across the globe. It is as simple as that!

Tech Tips: Did you know that it is nearly impossible to phish for Mac users using only the password? Luckily, there are methods for typing passwords that are hard to guess… like they are supposed to be. If you don’t want to get your email hacked, make sure that you use the latest version of Mac safari 4.2, or any other Mac security software which is not vulnerable to keystroke logging, and which includes Mac malware blockers like ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky, and Norton.