April Fools’ Tech Tips – Two Weeks Until the Fifth Anniversary!

There are many ways that one can come across useful tech tips. Most often, these are things that can be found through word of mouth, as well as new online features that help in keeping oneself protected from phishing. Phishing has been around ever since computer networks have been around. The whole idea behind phishing is to get personal information from a person and use it to cause further damage, or even steal money or other items.

Tech Tips

One of the latest and most notable of these tech tips is for an iPhone to be able to read OTFE (onghone email) messages. This is something that can be found in most places on the internet. If you open up your email and go to the compose or message option, you should be able to see this option. If not, you can always go to settings and then user preferences. It should say in the security options where you can enable or disable the ability of the phone to scan for iPod email.

Another of the great tech tips is that you should make use of two separate Google accounts for Safari and Google Docs. Each account will let you create different tabs in the browser. You can easily mark documents in the Docs tab which can be imported into the Safari document folder. This will allow you to be able to work on these files from both a Mac or a Windows computer without having to lose any progress made in opening the document in the Inbox. This also means that if you get an email that requires you to sign in to a particular place on the site, you can easily switch back and forth between the two accounts without leaving the locked in session.

If you need to know more about Google Docs and how it works, you can find several great websites that can help you get to know the ins and outs. However, if you are more interested in learning about using the service for business purposes, you may want to visit Dropbox whose website is one of the best sources for easy access to your documents. Dropbox has many great features that make it easier to stay organized. One of our favorite tech tips this month was to check out our easy to use Dropbox application which you can find at the foot of this article.

In addition to being a great tool for organizing documents and organizing files, Dropbox is also very useful as a password manager. This is important because whenever a document is saved to this service, it gets stored encrypted and can’t be opened by anyone other than the owner. Many of us use passwords but forget them or write them down in a book but these can be easily recovered if you have the right tool in place. Fortunately, there are a number of tools on the market to help recover passwords and master access capabilities on the iPhone. If you are still concerned about being able to access your data from any computer or device of convenience, you can download Dropbox and set up its password protection features. This will give you peace of mind as you know that even if someone slips into your iPhone, the files will be safely stored on their own internal hard drive.

The third most popular tech tip of the month is none other than the iPad. This tablet has set the standard for smart tablet devices with its high definition screen, wide app compatibility, stunning graphics and tons of apps. If you are looking for an app that offers the most functionality for the dollar, the iPad is the one to get. The best way to use this amazing device to its full potential is to download the official Apple store app for it. This will not only let you track your purchases and find new apps that you like, but it also gives you quick access to your contacts, favorite apps and a whole lot more.

For those of you who may have become a tad confused with your security settings on your iphone, here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to secure your iphone with passwords. As soon as you insert any USB device with money into your iphone, make sure you lock your phone. If you leave your security settings on, your phone will automatically lock and not let you insert any additional drives or media devices. This can be tricky, especially for new users, so we have compiled a list of common tricks to help you reset your security settings to the normal state. If you follow these steps, your iphone will be like new again.

These are some of the most popular April fool’s day tech gifts that can be given out this year. If you want to receive a ton of useful information on how to protect yourself, stay out of trouble and keep your data safe from prying eyes, keep reading. Our complete April Fools’ Tech Gift Guide covers everything you need to know including a list of the best gift ideas for iPhones and PDA’s.