Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Tech Tips delivered right to your phone!

Tech Tips

Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Tech Tips delivered right to your phone!

What do you need tech tips for kids? Today, technology has become part of everyone’s life. Almost everyone has a cell phone, laptop, iPod, or handheld gaming device. Do you have tech gadgets in your home or your place of business? Find out what you can do with these helpful resources.

Help children learn good internet habits: If your children are old enough, tell them good web habits. Teach them how to go to the privacy settings on the different sites they visit. Teach them not to click on any links that they don’t know. Let them know not to click “remember me” or “save password.” Teach them how to go to the privacy settings and how to clear their history when they are finished using a site.

Teach your kids how to use the Google search engine: This isn’t a tech tip for children, but it’s a great one for parents. Whenever they see a question mark appear under a search result, teach them to type in the proper words. For example, if you saw the question mark appear under the word “calories,” you would tell your child to find out what the calorie count for that food is. Then, he or she could answer the question for you.

Teach your child to use the Microsoft Office program: This isn’t tech tips for kids, but it’s a good one for parents. Have your kids to open up a new tab to the Windows Task Manager. Tap the app and select “start.” In the menu, you will find programs like Calculator, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Notepad, and many more.

Teach your child to use the Google Image search: Another good tech tip for kids is to teach them to use the Google Image search. Simply type in the name of the photo you want to search for. The app will then show you all of the different images that it has in its database. Tap on the image you want to see and you will be taken to the page where you can click on the tab for that particular image. This is a very quick and easy way to access all the images on the computer.

Use the Windows password reset: This is another one of the quick and easy tech tips that you should never forget. The first time you look at the password, you will notice that it is different. Right click on your computer and go to properties, and then click the option that says “change password.” When you are in the editing mode for this change, you will notice that a password reset has been pre-formatted on your keyboard. This is actually one of the easiest tricks for phishing scams that can be used by unscrupulous internet marketers.

Sign up for Google+: This is yet another easy trick for us to discuss with you. Go to the main Google+ account and sign up. Now, you will notice that there is a new page that says “You’re Here.” You will need to fill out some basic information before you can log into this page. You will find that there is a link that takes you directly to the Google+ page, so make sure that you take advantage of that.

Stay tuned for more tips to keep you informed with the latest technology news. There are many more ways that technology is changing our lives every single day. From simple things like having the ability to send and receive emails to being able to play games and watch videos, everything is now available with a touch of a button. Make sure that you stay up to date and learn as much as possible about the newest technologies out there today!