Facebook Tech Tips – What You Can Do on Facebook Now

Looking for some quick tech tips on Facebook? Here s a quick and simple little tech tips, tricks, and quick short cuts which will really make your life a lot more easier! How to Make Facebook Search Easier: First up, how to make it so that when somebody searches for something on facebook, all the relevant results are shown on a single page? This is achievable by setting up an application like Furl, which is available for free on Facebook. Load Furl onto facebook, go into settings, and then set it to always show recent pictures.

Tech Tips

Use a Voice Recognition Dictation System: Ok, so this one is pretty self explanatory. You know, with voice recognition technology dictation is no longer just a digital dictation device, you can now record yourself and have the answers transcribed in plain English. To use this feature, simply hold down the “voice recognition” button whilst recording your speech. Then, playback this recording to get your exact verbal dictation. Loading the speech to Facebook in under a minute.

Load Your Own Apps: Another of the many helpful Facebook tech tips is to load your own apps onto Facebook. For example, if you are in sales, you could install a sales landing page that encourages people to enter in their zip code or email address to find out about new products. You could also load an app that organizes your shopping list. Loads of apps can be found at the Facebook Apps Store.

Use a Facebook Navigation Bar… AND A Menu Bar: OK, so we now know what to do… what about the Facebook navigation bar? There are actually two options – use the actual navigation bar or use the Facebook menu bar. Both are useful Facebook tech tips that are easy to follow. To use the bar simply tap on the bottom left corner (or whatever’s below the globe) and a menu will appear. Click the Facebook logo to launch the app, which is then launched in the usual way.

Clear All Your Privacy Settings: As one of the many Facebook tech tips, this is quite easy to follow. Simply right click the “Privacy” icon which is in the lower right hand corner of your screen. This will open the Privacy Settings dialog box. Click the link “iked” you can click to clear all your user information from the search engines.

Open a New Tab: This was probably one of the most difficult tech tips to follow. The good news is that this now takes just a couple of seconds as long as opening your web browser. To open a new tab, tap the “New Tab” link which appears in the upper right corner of your browser. Another option is the button on your right entitled “open new tab.”

Use Wi-Fi Only When Needing It: Another one of the Facebook tech tips is to only use your network when you actually need to use it. If you’re browsing through a social networking site and you see the hamburger symbol next to the word “connect”, you should tap on the plus sign and select “wi-fi only”. This will allow Facebook access to your network only when you actively use it otherwise Facebook will disappear from your view. To enable this feature, tap on the plus sign in the Wi-Fi Only tab of the Facebook main menu.

Read Your Text Messages: This Facebook tip may seem obvious, but some people overlook this important Facebook tech tip. Many cellular phone users allow their phones to automatically read text messages. If you don’t want your kids to read your text messages, you can disable this function. To do this, tap on the gear or settings icon at the bottom right of your screen then select “advanced options” then toggle the “turn off reading messages” option. You can also do the same for any other apps that you don’t want to receive text messages from.