How Can Consumer Reviews Be Used To Increase Conversion?

Product reviews are written about any and every new product that are put out on the market. They are an extremely effective marketing tool because they give both the strengths and weaknesses of a product. The product review helps the seller to know the general opinion of their customers regarding their new products and services and encourages sales from existing customers such as, in e-business firms. Companies have to gather the best and most relevant comments and testimonials from their existing customers as well as influential influencers within their target market to build brand loyalty, increase visibility, and drive sales. The key to writing a good review is to provide the right balance of negative and positive information so that the reader will be more inclined to buy or at least consider the product.

Product Review

If you want to write a successful product review, then you should follow some important guidelines. You should start by gathering feedback from real consumers. This helps you understand the issues and challenges that consumers face when they make buying decisions. Gathering feedback from actual consumers also enables you to see if the product is suitable for the target audience and hence, helps you come up with innovative ideas to improve the product. Furthermore, gathering feedback from consumers who have used the product correctly will help you understand the real problems that consumers are facing.

To get feedback, you can use online tools such as webcams, forums, blogs, and rating systems such as Metacafe, Facebook, and Twitter. These feedback tools are powerful because they allow you to interact directly with consumers; therefore, it is easy to see if the feedback is accurate and relevant. Moreover, these tools help you fix your mistakes quickly by quickly removing the bad feedback, instead of waiting for days to gather opinions and feedback from various people. After collecting your feedback, you can use the feedback to revise your plan.

One of the other effective ways to use customer feedback in improving your products is by making use of social networks. Social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and LinkedIn are great way to gather customer feedback. Consumer feedback on these sites provide an insight on what your customers are thinking about the product. For example, using Twitter to find out what your customer’s thoughts on the price of your product are. This method is very effective because consumers are more likely to share their views and feelings about a product or service than negative feedbacks which are usually deleted by the company.

Another great way to use online reviews is by using Google Product Searches. Here, you can search for your target audience using keywords. You can then view the top 10 results on the left hand side. You can browse through the top products which have received the highest number of consumer feedback. You can also view the individual comments and reviews for each product, which gives you valuable insights on how people felt about the product and how they would be able to benefit from it.

The last way that companies can use the power of online reviews is by using them as a platform for Social Proof. Social proof is an idea that states that whatever a person can do in one of his or her activities can also be done by other people who have likewise engaged in similar activities. Social proof in online reviews provides consumers with the information that they need so that they can be informed about products before purchasing them. If a company has a great number of positive reviews on its website, then it can easily convince consumers to buy its product. Therefore, social proof plays a big role in marketing and selling products online.

As mentioned earlier, online reviews are very helpful in gathering feedback on your products. However, if you want to use this information to boost your sales, you should not rely on just one rating or review. Instead, you should collect at least two to three ratings and reviews on your product and use these in your overall strategy to increase conversion. In other words, you should gather enough information to formulate a consensus from various consumers regarding your products.

Overall, online consumer feedback can be very helpful to businesses in many ways. The most popular platform for gathering feedback is through the top product platforms; i.e., Amazon, Yelp, Google+ and the like. Taking time to learn more about these platforms and how you can use them will definitely help you enhance your business.