Tech Companies That Surpass Expectations

Technology is an overall term that encompasses a wide range of human activities and influences. It has been called the “fourth industrial revolution” because it is expected to continue to shape our lives and the industries around us for the rest of time. Technological change has come so far that nearly all aspects of society have been touched by the scientific and technological developments of the last thousand years. We can speak of technological change as the increase of knowledge about the world and human endeavor, the accumulation of more and better information and communication technologies, and the integration of diverse forms of machines and machinery.


Technological change can be both a cause and effect of industrial revolution. The causes are usually referred to as forces that drive progress – for instance, the invention of the railroad by the engineers and scientists Thomas Henry and Robert sherman is often credited as the cause of the Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, technological innovations may be used to reverse or prevent the effects of earlier inventions. A recent publication defines several popular terms used in defining technological change.

As part of its definition of tech companies, McKinsey uses three distinct but related elements: drive, influence, and impact. These are the reasons behind why firms adopt specific technologies or implement new ones. McKinsey further breaks them down into three groups, each with its own definition, characteristics, and relationship to technology adoption and innovation. The first group, driven by business impact, refers to technology adoption that drives new sales channels.

Examples of business impact may include product development, financial services, healthcare, energy, transportation, and consumer behavior. Another part of business impact is how the technology is being used within the firm. Examples include product development, data mining, social media, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and business software applications. Data mining is part of data mgMT, which refers to the process of discovering new ways to extract value from large amounts of unstructured data. This extraction can help firms obtain new insights and solutions for their problems.

Atlassian is one of the largest technology companies in Silicon Valley. Atlassian was co-founded by Larry Page and Stanford graduates Carl Bass and John Temple. Atlassian relies on two main processes to make technology solutions: first is engineering the underlying technology, and second is leveraging engineering technology to deliver a real product. Atlassian has several patents for its patented technologies. Atlassian’s primary product is its Data Collection System. The company further develops software applications and supplies manufacturing support.

Venture capitalists usually fund only those tech companies whose products and services are worth more than their costs to acquire. Costs is a key factor in determining whether a tech company is worth backing. Tech companies have to continually look for ways to cut costs so that they can deliver at low cost. sustaining technologies have low costs but also have high profit margins.

Tech companies in Silicon Valley typically depend on venture capital and venture capitalists to finance their operations. Venture capitalists provide seed money, Series A funding, and other financing sources. This allows them to acquire and develop new technologies without having to spend the whole purchase price into the business. Venture capitalists use a “zero marginal cost” methodology in determining which technologies to fund.

In a recent article on Business Week, Brad Chamberlin discusses how venture capitalists evaluate tech companies. Capitalize on your startup’s strengths and weaknesses. As an example, you might consider applying for a grant from the SBA (Small Business Administration) to expand your product line. While you’re working on the business model, you can use your engineering know-how to improve customer service and increase tech companies’ profitability.