Tech Tips For A Better Spring Break Experience

Tech Tips

Tech Tips For A Better Spring Break Experience

April and May bring to a close and it’s time to start planning for next year. With the holidays behind us, now is the time to begin planning for next year. If you did your planning right, you probably already have the basic layout of your home office. Now comes the time to really flesh out the plans. This means more careful planning and some new technology tips that will make your home office unique and exciting. Here are some tips from experts in the home office design field:

Use iPhone Apps to Track Your Bills – The new Apple Pay As You Go program makes it simple to track your bills with your phone. Many companies including Bank of America, Capital One and American Express have developed apps that can be used on an iPhone to pay for things like credit card transactions. For tech tips such as this, look for companies with a reputation for transparency. Also, check to make sure you are not being subjected to phishing scams when signing up for these accounts.

Use Google Docs For Projects – More than just a word processor, Google Docs offers a whole lot of useful features and functions. You can create spreadsheets, documents and presentations easily. For many people, it’s going to be their preferred format for creating and collaborating with others. To help you stay organized, look into apps that make managing your projects easier and less time consuming. Look for apps such as Microsoft Office and Apple’s Numbers that make creating spreadsheets easier. Other tech tips for making working at home more effective include:

Stay Up to Date with Tech Tips – If you follow any of the most trusted tech tips online, chances are good you’ve heard about dropbox. Dropbox lets you upload and download files to and from your computer. The service is great for sharing documents, calendars and other files. But what if you need your files on another computer and don’t have access to your Dropbox account? To solve this problem, check out apps such as Zedge and PGP Keychain. These apps provide access to your Dropbox files while you’re away from home and you won’t miss a thing if you lose track of a file you’ve worked on.

Stay Focused With Tech Tips – Are you still using PowerPoint in your presentation planning meetings? Why not throw away that old presentation software and pick up an iPhone instead? If you haven’t checked out the new apps that allow you to view slides from all types of programs, including your iPhone, it’s time to check them out. You can use these tools to show you graphs, statistics, video and audio files, among other features. These new apps make it easy to share your presentations with the entire world.

Use Your iPhone to Access Gmail – Have you checked out the new Gmail in the App Store? If you’re one of the few people who aren’t signed up for Google’s services, you may be missing out. The free service gives you easy access to all your important emails, so you can get to work on your next presentation without missing any important emails. Check out the April Fools’ Day Tech Tips for more information.

Share Heic Files With Friends – Don’t you just love emailing important documents to your friends? How about sending them copies of your latest master draft (in Word document form) so they can read it as they like? If you want to send heic files to family and friends, try sending them to their iPhones as well. These April Fools’ Day tips will help you make the most of your smartphones by integrating them with your email client. When you share heic files, you’ll give everyone one copy, so they can always have it ready to read.

Make Your Notes Look Good – Finally, if you’re in need of a good way to organize all those overwhelming emails you receive every single day, you might want to try converting them into PDFs. PDFs are easy to read and you can easily resize them, add font styles and adjust colors whenever you’d like. This is a great tech tip that you should incorporate in your social media profiles or any other accounts you want to keep you updated with the latest technology tips. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can download the free iRibbit tool from the App Store. You can also try the desktop version if you want to keep you informed with the latest february fools’ day tips. Now that you know how to convert PDFs into TIFFs, why not spice up your newsletter topics, invitation letters and emails with this new tool.