Tech Tips – How to Make Your PC Run More Efficiently

It is easy to get confused when learning new technology. The best way to master a new device is to read the manual and hope it’s intuitive. This approach doesn’t always work, so tech tips are the best way to learn the ins and outs of a product. The sticky side of a Post-it note can be rubbed along the rows of keys. You can also use a pair of tweezers to remove any dirt or debris from the corners of your keyboard.

Tech Tips

Using the ‘Your Phone’ app in Windows 10 can make your work easier by allowing you to text message from your PC. Similarly, using a password manager is a good way to secure your devices. The convenience of a password manager outweighs the added security. It’s also possible to pin your frequently-used files and folders to a shelf for quick access. You can also keep track of the search results by holding down Ctrl while you click each link.

To find out which file types you have installed on your computer, open the Controlled Folder Access program. This program prevents ransomware attacks from damaging your files. It’s also worth checking your security settings and implementing all available security measures. This tool is available on most computers, and it can protect your files from hackers. You can use it in conjunction with other methods, such as firewalls, to keep your system running efficiently. These tips can help you optimize your computer to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Another useful technique for hiding zero values is to use the mute button. If you want to block background noise, you can simply turn on the mute button. By doing this, you can easily share your screen with others. Aside from muting the background, you can also try using a steps recorder. These two simple tricks will help you avoid embarrassing situations and enable you to focus on the content of your presentation. Aside from this, a steps recorder will be useful in your work.

When you need to copy text, you can use the MID function. This function will extract the characters from the middle of the text string. By choosing the MID function, you can easily extract a cell’s area code and extract the information from it. This will help you find a cell’s area code. Alternatively, you can paste data from a cell’s middle. In any case, the MID function will give you the number of characters to the left of the text string.

The strikethrough feature is very helpful when you need to make sure certain text isn’t deleted. You can easily make a document that looks good by adding strikethrough text. To add strikethrough text, you need to go to the Home tab, where you can find the fonts. You can expand the Font group by clicking on the “Font” icon. Then, select the desired type of font and click on OK. If you’re using Excel for business, you can add your data to a spreadsheet or a word processing document.

If you want to change the case of a specific cell in a document, you can do this using the formula Ctrl+Shift+%. By pressing these shortcuts, you can make a text box with any style you want. The format can be changed easily to make it look better. To make it look better, you can add a border around the cell. To make the text appear bigger, choose a font that is larger than the cell.

When you’re working with multiple files in Excel, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to create a text string. To make a chart, press Ctrl+F1 on the Mac. To do the same on a PC, you can use the same key combination to switch between formulas and values. In addition, you can even set up virtual teaching stations to save frequent sites. This way, you can create a logical text string in the document.

If you’re working with large files, you can use a screenshot to show the results of the formula in the spreadsheet. In this case, you can select all the cells in the sheet. You can then select the cells that contain the formula and crop it. Then, you can save the screenshot in a document for further reference. Then, you can save the file to a file for further use. These tips will help you make a professional-looking document.