What Are Some Examples of Tech Jobs?

For more than two thousand years, the term “tech” has been defined by a person, probably a male, called Xerox. The first definition of tech was a way of doing things by inventing new devices. The second definition was that it was the science of improvement in all aspects of life. Technologists are those who seek out and develop new ways to do previously known or emerging tasks. There are many types of technologists, including computer technologists, information technology technologists, medical technologists, manufacturing technologists, business technologists, and educational technologists. A student interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in technology can major in either a Bachelor of Science in Technology (BSCT) program at an accredited university or college or a Bachelor of Arts in Technology (B Troy).

It is expected that in this day and age, there will be nearly twice as many technology products and three times as many tech jobs available than there were in the early 1990s. Today’s technological sector encompasses a wide array of subcategories, including nanotechnology, telecommunications, digital technology, information technology, and engineering. In order to be qualified to work in one of these sectors, a person must hold a particular qualification, often a master’s degree, along with various additional credentials that often go beyond what is required for a regular job. The four main fields are listed below.

Retail technology. This is a subcategory of sales, which includes marketing, advertising, and management. Many tech companies have expanded into this sector. In order to work for such a company, one would typically need to have a bachelor’s degree, although some employment opportunities for entry-level employees require only a high school diploma. Retail sales positions are usually those most commonly found in big box retailers. Examples of popular retail technology products include flat screen televisions, digital cameras, computers, and handheld devices.

Software technology. This subsector of the tech sector contains software engineers, computer software developers, and web designers. A common position in this sector is the vice president of a division or a senior engineer, responsible for implementing new software systems and designs.

Medical technology. Medical technology includes equipment used to treat patients and keeping them healthy. Some examples of medical tech companies in this subsector include diagnostic clinics, pharmaceutical labs, and surgical centers. Other possible positions in this tech sector include dental hygienists and nursing staff.

Artificial intelligence. One can be fascinated by artificial intelligence, since it seems so magical and futuristic. It is difficult to not be impressed by artificially intelligent machines, even if they lack human emotions. If you want a job in this tech career area, the best bet might be to be one of the designers of artificial intelligence, which uses complex computer programs to analyze data sets, create predictions, and make recommendations about specific future situations.

Data science. The field of data science refers to applying logic and mathematical algorithms to large amounts of unstructured data. Examples of data science jobs in this tech sector include systems analysts, whose job it is to examine large amounts of structured data sets to identify patterns and relationships. Another example might be the computer scientist, whose job is to code and test software programs; and the algorithms programmer, whose job it is to analyze large sets of source code and write a program that can solve programming problems. The future of this technology sector looks very bright indeed. However, if you’re not exactly the computer science type, you might want to consider another area of technology where you can apply your statistical and decision-making skills.

Social media. You may be surprised to find out that one of the fastest growing sectors in the tech industry is social media. In fact, there are now more tech startups forming every day than those formulating the next technology breakthrough. Many people are getting into social media for the first time because of the highly visible nature of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you have an interest in understanding how these sites work or even making a profit from them, then perhaps you should look into a career in social media.